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With effective oral hygiene care, you can help lower your risk for plaque buildup. Because plaque consists of harmful bacteria and food particles that collect in your mouth, it will need to be eliminated through effective cleaning routines. If plaque is allowed to continue untreated in your mouth, it can slowly lead to dental erosion, gum disease, and several other oral health risks. For this reason, a daily oral hygiene routine will be needed to eliminate plaque.

Because of the fact that plaque buildup is one of the leading cause of oral health risks to your smile, you need to make sure they are always cleaning your mouth out effectively every day. By not giving plaque a chance to settle down in your mouth, you can greatly improve your smile and your health. Plaque is a thin layer of debris and bacteria that will develop on your teeth if your brushing and flossing tactics are not up to par.

However, if plaque is allowed to continue to develop, it can harden into a product known as tartar. Once tartar forms, you will not be able to easily remove it with brushing and flossing utensils. Instead, you will have to visit your dentist for effective tartar removal. It is important to take care of tartar buildup, as it can greatly increase your risk for gingivitis and eventually full-blown gum disease. For additional help with any issues that you have with plaque buildup or if you need tartar removal, visit your dentist immediately.

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