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Did you know that you have several options for washing your teeth? Although we tend to think only of dental floss, there are actually several products that can help clean between your teeth. The dental specialty consisting of cleaning between your teeth is known as interdental care.
Interdental cleaning tools such as water flossers completely forgo the use of thread and instead, focus on cleaning between teeth with water. Water flossers use beams of water to rinse out debris and plaque stuck between teeth.

If you decide to use a water flosser, it is important to visit your dentist for product recommendations. Furthermore, you can look on product packaging for the ADA Seal of Acceptance. The seal is awarded to products that have shown their ability to function safely and effectively. In situations in which you have previous restoration treatments in place such as aligners, dentures, dental crowns or bridges, traditional dental floss may not be useful. In situations such as these, water flossers can be used as an alternative. They’re also easy to use and operate and are highly recommended for older individuals or those suffering from muscle and joint pain

If you do wish to forgo the use of a water flosser and stick to traditional threaded floss, make sure you are using the tools effectively. This includes flossing using gentle, soft strokes between each and every tooth. Also, make sure to reach the teeth in the back, as individuals often forget to clean their back teeth. Try to use a dental floss that will not tear upon use. Furthermore, never use the same section between two teeth and always throw out the floss after using it.

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