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Are you familiar with the uses of dental crowns and their many benefits? Did you know that a high-quality dental crown can remain in good shape and preserve your smile for many years, even decades before it needs to be replaced? For some patients, their custom-made dental crowns served them well for the rest of their life, testifying to the proven durability of these dental restorations.

Dental crowns are essentially a hollow cap or cover that is placed on a damaged tooth to conceal the full tooth above the gums. Dental crowns can also serve cosmetic purposed for badly stained teeth that are still healthy and shouldn’t be extracted. Because dental crowns can be custom designed for a specific tooth, you are sure to be pleased with the results.

Dental crowns can also enhance other dental procedures like root canal treatment or may be used to support a dental filling that was used to repair a worn or damaged tooth that has little structure remaining. Dental crowns hold the filling and tooth together to ensure a safe and functional dental treatment. Dental crowns can also complete tooth replacement services such as bridges and implants.

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