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Do you ever worry about visiting your dentist or receiving any sort of oral health care treatments? Are you concerned about any pain you all feel from services such as tooth extractions? If so, you’re suffering from a common condition called dental anxiety. Many people suffer from dental anxiety, and the good news it this condition can be treated. In most cases, there are simple things you can do to help this condition. In other cases, there are other options to help with pain and stress you can talk to your dentist about.

If you have any fears associated with questions that need to be answered, don’t be afraid to speak with your dentist about them. They are there to make sure you received the oral health care treatment you need to ensure your smile can survive the rest of your life. Furthermore, they can help treat dental anxiety through the use of, music, and stress toys such as squeeze balls and fidget spinners.

If you suffer from dental anxiety and wish to receive oral health care procedures that are pain-free, it is a good idea to think about the various types of sedation dentistry that exist. Sedatives are used to help calm and relax patients, and can even place individuals into a deep state of unconsciousness so the complex oral health care procedures can be given.

Dental anxiety often arises because of fears that concerns you may have. Thus, it is important to ease your mind using visual therapies. You can do this by visualizing yourself at your happy place or working on your breathing patterns. By breathing slower and deeper, you can help calm your body and put your mind at ease.

Never give up on your smile or your oral health care until you have visited with our dentist and learned more about dental anxiety treatments. To book an appointment with Borsky Dental Group, by contacting us at our dentist office in Cincinnati, Ohio. Our number is 513-232-6560. Dr. Jeremy Borsky and our entire team look forward to your visit and are happy to work with you to make you feel comfortable in our care.