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If you are missing teeth, you have several options for replacing them. One of those options may be dental implants. Dental implants have some advantages over other replacements, such as bridges and dentures. Because implants are placed directly into the jaw, they stimulate the growth and strength of your jaw. They are sturdy and can be brushed a flossed just as you would your normal teeth.

While most people can receive dental implants with no problem, not everyone is an implant candidate. If you are thinking about getting implants, you should talk with our dentist, Dr. Jeremy Borsky about your medical history and your lifestyle choices. Implants require healthy gums and a healthy jawbone. If you have immune system issues or take an immunosuppressant, you may not be a good implant candidate. If you live with hemophilia or diabetes, you may need to consider other options. If you use tobacco, drink heavily, or use recreational drugs and are not willing to quit, your dentist may suggest another tooth replacement. Finally, if you are not willing to follow the dentist’s instructions, take proper aftercare steps, or keep your follow-up appointments, implants may not be for you.

If it is time for you to fill in the gaps in your smile, and you live in the Cincinnati, Ohio, area, call phone today to find out if dental implants are right for you.