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If your mouth requires immediate attention due to an oral accident, it is important to stay calm and do what you can until the necessary help can be administered. Here are a few fast-acting tips for oral emergencies:

What should you do if you have a tooth knocked out?
– If you should ever suffer from an oral accident that causes loss of teeth, it may still be possible to reinsert the teeth back into your mouth and complete your smile once more. This can be accomplished by soaking the lost tooth in a solution to prevent it from drying out and cracking. When possible, visit your dentist with your teeth that have been lost to see if reinsertion may be possible.

What should you do if you suffer a bitten tongue, lip, or mouth?
– Although mouth bites are common, by no means should they be dismissed or ignored. Even if the wound seems minor, it is important to wash it out to ensure that your mouth is receiving the treatment it deserves. Use gauze on the wound until the bleeding has completely stopped. If bleeding continues, the wound may be too large to heal itself and will require stitches.

What should you do if you have a tooth knocked loose?
– Lost teeth as the result of blunt trauma or oral accidents and injuries, should be checked by your dentist to ensure no long-term damage has been caused. In the meantime, clean the wound of any debris and apply gauze pads to stop any bleeding that may have occurred.

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