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You may know that many infections can be serious issues. You may also know that your body can usually fight these infections, but would you be interested in learning that you’ll need professional help to address an infection inside the center of your tooth? You might need to set up an appointment with our team if you have an abscess. Still, do you understand what the differences between abscesses and infections actually are?

Unfortunately, your body won’t be able to help fight off a tooth infection, meaning you could need root canal therapy to protect your tooth. It’s vital that you get this procedure done for several reasons. For example, you may experience high levels of pain and sensitivity to cold and hot drinks and food. Furthermore, your tooth could ultimately die. Moreover, if not addressed, your infection could spread to your jawbone, which could let an abscess form.

Again, your body can usually fight off an abscess with its own antibodies. Still, since an infection is the underlying cause of your abscess, and because your infection doesn’t fade, your body may not be able to fight off an abscess. You may have an oral abscess if you notice a lump on your gum line. Painful and swollen gums are another sign of abscesses.

Generally, there are a number of things you may consider doing to try to avoid these dental infections. For instance, flossing, brushing, and visiting our dental team once every six months are all vital. It’s also important that you follow a balanced, healthy diet.

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